April 21st, 2007

challenge #7

Great job everyone! Y'all seemed to really like this past challenge! I think those were some of the greatest posts to date!

I just have a few quick requests for everyone - from now on, can you please tag your posts? kirke_novak pointed this out.  I know some of us were pretty good about it at first, but we all started to forget to do it (myself included). So from now on please tag your posts with the name of the challenge (the words in bold on the challenge post). I think it would be better if we tagged the posts by challenge name, rather than number as we did in the past. So I've modified the page design to include a list of the tags on the sidebar for easy browsing and I went ahead and added the appropriate tags to all the old posts.

And new members, please read the community profile before posting.

This week's challenge was suggested by mississippienne:

Challenge #7 - Crack pairing

This challenge is a little bit different from the others. You should go to the Random Pairing Generator and create your drabble or ficlet (or drabbles or ficlets) with what you get there.

Don't forget to tag your posts with "Crack pairing".

And new challenge ideas are always accepted here.