June 11th, 2007



Just a bit of silliness from last week's challenge; this week's challenge tomorrow.

Title: Don't Look Now
Rating: PG
Fandom: X-Men
Challenge: Toy

Collapse )

Title: Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Spider-Man
Challenge: Toy

Collapse )

PS: Does anyone know an accurate word counter? I put the above fic in here and I get 105 words, but if I put it in here, I get 94.
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Challenge #10

I guess this last one wasn't very inspirational. I know I tried but sorta trailed off and stopped. Oh well! Let's try and have fun with this next challenge.

Challenge #10 - "Those weren't there before. I swear."

Challenge #10 was provided by kaz814. If anyone has more challenge ideas, as always, you can let me know here.

If you need to modify the quote slightly to fit in your entry, feel free to do so. Or just use the quote as inspiration. Interpret this challenge as you see fit. But please remember to tag your posts with "Those weren't there before. I swear."