June 25th, 2007

Challenge #12

I'm posting the new challenge really early today, but, as usual, you still have till midnight to write for "The Daily Bugle."

Challenge #12 - Threesome

Hopefully, this'll be something more of us can sink our teeth into. *evil grin* Those of you you who haven't written before, I just want to encourage you to c'mon in! The water's fine! (Yay mixed metaphors!)

Again, feel free to interpret this challenge as you see fit. Don't forget to tag your post with "threesome". Also, can we try to have some sort of header from now on? For instance, I've been using one like this -
Challenge #
- but the only thing I'd really like to see (provided it doesn't hurt your story to reveal it) is Characters. This is just for easier browsing later. Thanks!