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15 July 2007 @ 02:00 am
FANDOM: Cable & Deadpool
PAIRING: See above
RATING: R? Probably softer than that, but it does have mature themes.
WARNING: Kinkiness

BondageCollapse )
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Title: Impudence Punished
Characters/Pairings: Johnny Storm/Namor [new cartoon!verse]
Words: 500
Rating: R
WARNINGS: bondage, spanking, slight sub/dom (but nothing graphic)
Challenge: #13 Bondage
Author’s Notes: Written for marvel_100. This is post-“Imperius Rex”, an episode of the new Fantastic Four cartoon (that has nothing to do with the previous cartoon or the movies) but you don’t have to see it to understand what’s going on. Yes, it’s written in the international language of pr0n. Those who have seen it – don’t tell me that Johnny didn’t deserve a good spanking.

Impudence Punished
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