August 18th, 2007


Drabble: Freedom, Justice and The American Way; crossover; many; (xo/Harvey Birdman)

Title: Freedom, Justice and The American Way
Characters/Pairings: Judy “Birdgirl” Ken Sebben, Captain America/Iron Man/Namor, Harvey Birdman, Redwing, Avenger/Falcon, Mentok the Mindtaker/She-Hulk, Peter Potamus/Ms Marvel, Miron Reducto/Wasp, Peanut/Kate Bishop, Phil Ken Sebben/Nick Fury XD
Words: 500
Rating: NC-13, crack
Challenge: #18, crossover
Author’s Notes: Written for marvel_100. Crossover with Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. Come on, we all know that if someone was smart enough to take SHRA to the court, it wouldn’t last 30 seconds. For those that have no idea what is that whole “Harvey Birdman” thing (le gasp!) I’ve put some small picture at the end. Other than that – watch it, it’s cracktacular.

Freedom, Justice and The American Way