August 19th, 2007

Captain America

Drabble: "The Price"; Captain America, The Authority; crossover; PG

Title: The Price
Characters/Pairings: Steve “Captain America” Rogers, Midnighter, Apollo, Jenny, Swift, The Doctor, Rose Tattoo, Jack Hawksmoor, Engineer
Words: 500
Rating: NC-13
Challenge: #18, crossover
Author’s Notes: Written for marvel_100. Crossover with The Authority. For those that do not know the fandom (really!? o_0)– it’s a Wildstorm comic book about a bunch of superheroes that decide to fix the world by taking it over. They live on a sentient spaceship known as The Carrier, who can transport them to any alternate reality in existence. Midnighter and Apollo are canonically gay and married to each other, Jenny is their adoptive daughter, as well as the leader of TA.

The Price