February 28th, 2009

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Dear marvel_100  community members,

I have failed you as a moderator and I want to apologize for it. When I moved to Japan, I basically forgot all about fandom and abandoned this community. I feel really bad about this and want to try and revive it. That is, if anyone wants this community to be revived.

I've created some new rules based on the drabble community, onepieceyaoi100 , that will allow this community to be completely spurred on by its active members. When I left, there was no one to post new challenges and so the community sputtered and died. With these new guidelines, as long as there is interest in Marvel drabbles, the community can continue on.

The new rules are simple. Every Wednesday, a new challenge will be posted. The next Wednesday, the person who posted the previous Wednesday's challenge will chose a winner. That winner will get to choose that week's challenge.

As the author of the last drabble posted to this community, I would like to ask fullmetal_cute  to post the new challenge. I've contacted her and hope she will say yes.

I want to apologize again and hope that this community can become active and interesting once more.

The Neurotic Squirrel