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Fic: Pleasure Principles (rewind, threesome)

Title: Pleasure Principles
Characters/Pairings: Wolverine/Rogue/Sabretooth & Wild Child
Words: 500
Rating: Nc17
Challenge: #12 threesome
Summary: A seemingly innocent high school Rogue has a big dirty secret.
Author’s Notes: Very AU I guess and Rogue can touch and ... yeah, think that's all *g*

Rogue really disliked chemistry. Biology - now that was her thing. Trying not to giggle - she could hear Logan's voice in her head saying 'go figure' - Rogue tried to think of something else that didn't have anything to do with Logan. Or on how cold the chair was against her bare bottom. Or on how wet she still was. She wasn't going to think about him, his hands on her skin or anything like that. And she definitely wasn't going to think about how he'd been finger fucking her until she -

Rogue's internal monologue was interrupted by her classmate Kyle as he made her back up against the lockers.

"You're in my way," she huffed.

"So? Isn't that what you want?" he gestured at her outfit: the indecently short skirt and the velvet choker around her neck.

Rogue made an exasperated sound in her throat. "Fuck off, Kyle!"

"Don't ya mean 'fuck me'?"

When he tried to grope her, Rogue slapped him across the cheek.

"You bitch -"

Someone suddenly yanked him away from her.

"Now what do we have here?" 

Rogue felt her cheeks burn when she recognized the man holding Kyle by the neck as Victor Creed - one of Logan's ... acquaintances. Or whatever they were. Grinning smugly, Victor let his amber eyes travel up and down Rogue's body 'til her blush deepened.

Kyle glared at Victor while trying to jerk free from his grasp.

"Get off me, man!"

"Don't think so kid. If you can't behave - forget rehearsing with your band this week and the next."

"Fuck you! You're not my dad," he spat.

Rogue didn't pay attention to them anymore. Vivid images of Victor and Logan fucking her danced through her mind and she didn't want to stick around if Creed 'accidentally' let something slip in front of Kyle. His smug voice had her caught before she'd managed two steps.

"What's the rush girl, aren't ya gonna say bye-bye?"

Putting on a sweet smile, Rogue forced herself not to run. It wasn't that she didn't like those images. She more than did.

Victor took a whiff of air, then contemplated her for a while.

"So it's like that, huh? Well, I can understand why you were all over the girl, Kyle ," he leered at her. "How can you not when she smells so ... fuckin' delicious."

Rogue gasped. That he had the nerve to! And in front of her classmate! She knew exactly what Victor was hinting at, and as if it was going to help matters she squeezed her legs together.

"Aw you don't have to do that Roguey," Victor said, leaning casually against the lockers. It was unnerving.
"You know her?" Kyle said disbelievingly.


Damn him and Kyle! Why wouldn't they just go and rot somewhere? Logan probably wondered what was keeping her. Rogue pushed past them, and hurried down the corridor. She felt her cheeks go up in flames again, as Creed called after her.

"See you later sweetheart!" 
Tags: rewind, threesome
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