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fic: Domestic hero (rewind, #19 caffeine)

Title: Domestic hero
Characters/Pairings: Scott, Rogue, Logan
Words: 500
Rating: PG
Challenge: #25 (#19 caffeine)
Summary: Scott saves the day *g*
Author’s Notes: au movie!verse. no beta.

Curled up in the couch, Rogue watched Scott as the he darted back and forth between the kitchen and the living room. He finally returned with coffee. Rogue covered her mouth to keep from giggling. Oh, he was being all domestic in … a pink frilly apron. Lucky for him, Logan was nowhere to be seen. He’d have jumped at the idea of Scott in an apron, mocking the poor guy for the rest of his life. Domestic suited Scott and he was almost as perfect as a man could be. 

Rogue smiled appreciatively at Scott. Some caffeine was just what she needed. Being comforted wasn’t such a bad thing after all and he *did* make her feel better. Apron or no apron.



“I don’t know if I ever thanked ya for savin’ me back there, you know when Sabretooth attacked Logan." 

Scott’s features softened. “Don’t mention it. I’m just glad you’re okay and still around,” he said and buried his face in the cup.

Look ... I know it must be hard on ya having Logan getting most of the credit when you're out on missions.”

Scott cleared his throat. “Yeah, well, he can be an ass sometimes. But he is an important member of the team …”

Just ignore him when he's an ass.”

They sat there quietly drinking coffee when Scott finally put the coffeecup on the table and eyed her intently.

So how are you going to handle things with Bobby?”

Rogue shrugged. This was beginning to feel like some girlie talk, difference was that Scott was all male. “I don’t know.” 

“Want me to talk to him?” Scott offered.

“That’s sweet, but –“

He touched her glove clad hand. “Please, Rogue?”

A door slamming got their attention. Moments later Logan strolled into the room. He hesitated at the sight of them.

Everything okay in here?” he asked suspiciously.

“Yes, we were just …” Rogue began as Scott simultaneously said “I was just about to …”

Logan smirked at Scott while searching his pockets for a cigar. “You sure about that, Susie Homaker?”

Poor Scott, he was beginning to look very indignant. But as he also was the mansion’s master of keeping his emotions in check, he just frowned and stood. Even his posture was pretty much flawless, even when wearing a Dame Edna worthy pink apron .

Logan blocked his way. “Not so fast, Scooter. Something’s wrong. Wanna tell me you had nothing to do with it?”

Scott sighed irritably. “No, it’s between me and Rogue. It doesn’t concern the entire population of the planet.” He made his way past Logan, leaving his ‘archenemy’ scowling before the situation could get worse.

With Scott gone, Logan slumped back on the couch, his thoughts already somewhere else. A whole new opportunity had just presented itself. Taking a deep, healthy drag on the Cuban he turned to Rogue. 

“Is that coffee I smell?” he said, grinning.
Tags: caffeine, rewind
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