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Rewind Drabble 1

Title: Two Seconds For The Three Of Us To Change
Characters: Mary-Jane, Peter + Symbiote
Rating: PG-13; sex is involved but not described
Challenge: Rewind; Threesome
Words: 300

It was just two seconds, but that's all it took. A black surge of something, a moment of shock, flood of foreign thoughts and emotions, and then it was gone.
"What was that, Peter."
Mary-Jane's voice was thin and insistent.
"You call that nothing?"
Peter stood up and quickly began getting dressed.
"I don't know what it was."
Mary-Jane shivered and pulled the blankets around her.
"You did feel it, didn't you?"
"Glad it wasn't just me."
"It wasn't."
She looked at him closely, and around the room for any trace of the black phantom.
Peter reached for the door.
"Don't leave. Please. That thing-"
"It won't happen again. I promise." He said, opening the door.
He paused at her voice.
"Whatever it is, you know you can tell me, right?"
"I know."
"But I won't," he added silently to himself. It was too late for that tonight.
He shut the door, and in a few seconds, he was out of the warmth of her apartment and into the cold night of New York.
Reality catches up to you eventually, though you might have a good head start in avoiding it. Peter had prepared for the worst; the anger, the voice forever edging him on to do more than just win the fight. He could overcome that. It was that, with woman he was closest to in the world, at a time when they were the closest two people can be together, he'd let go. Not lost control; let go. Unthinkingly, naturally, let his living dark side emerge from their skin-tight synchrony, and touch the person who he'd least wanted to reveal it to. And... he'd liked it. They'd liked it.
Tags: rewind, threesome
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