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fic: Marked (rewind, #16 kiss)

Title: Marked
Characters/Pairings: Scott, Logan
Words: 495
Rating: PG 13
Challenge: #25 rewind (#16 kiss)
Summary: Scott is having trouble sleeping
Author’s Notes: slash. au movie!verse. For my Scogan loving friend september_chic =)
He woke up gasping for air. A dream - it had just been another dream. Not a nightmare. No, not that. Jean was still sound asleep next to him. You can't tell her. No, he mustn't let her find out. Ever. Sweat covered his body like he'd been running for his life, trying to get away from someone. Or maybe he was coming down with something. A fever; he felt feverish but knew he was as healthy as man could be. There was nothing wrong with him. Nothing's wrong with you, man, it just ... happened. You were drunk and ... and just deal with it.

It had been an accident, he told himself. He hadn't planned on doing it, neither of them had. It happened this one time and it was never going to go that far again. He was going to make sure of that. What else could he do? Glancing over his shoulder at the shape of Jean, he had to swallow. God, she'd ... she'd do what if she found out? Burying his head in his hands, Scott tried to calm himself down. Breathe slowly and you'll be okay. It'll be alright if you forget it ever happened. But it had, he heard a tiny voice in the back of mind say.  It wasn't part of some dream. Maybe now, but not initially.

He scrambled out of bed naked, and went out on the balcony. Fresh air and a cool breeze - he needed it. Scott stared at his hands and the way they gripped the rail, painfully hard. Inhale and exhale. The night was suddenly full of the same faint scent from that time; of some kind of flower but he didn't know its name. Deep, deep breaths. He tried to block out the images but it was no use. Just like he couldn't erase the feeling of hands touching, violent and desperate, of fingers curling into his shoulders. A hand at the back of his neck, nails digging into his skin and the feel of that body against his. So firm and soft at the same time. He'd bruised the next day; tiny crescent-shaped marks. He'd never been kissed like that before, and he'd always thought a woman's lips were so much softer, her kiss gentler and ... just more. He'd always assumed a kiss like that couldn't compare to a man's, but he knew he'd been wrong. And he hadn't fought it, he realized. He'd welcomed that brutal touch because he longed for it, too, just like Jean had. Like he knew Rogue had once. Bracing himself against the rail, Scott knew now the reason why Jean still got that longing look on her face sometimes.

No one knew about his encounter with Logan, and it was going to stay that way. It had to. He was going to pretend like it never happened, that it was all some dark dream. He was going to forget about that kiss.
Tags: kiss, rewind
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