Kates! (kamikazescot) wrote in marvel_100,

Fic: Boredom At Mach 1

Title: Boredom At Mach 1
Rating: PG
Characters: Pietro Maximoff
Challenge: Rewind, (#14 Giant Robots)
Words: 200

It was Pietro's turn on monitor duty and he was bored out of his skull. He was speed personified. Sitting around and waiting was not something he could do well. When you could finish a game of Solitaire faster than somebody else could find a pack of cards and you could read War and Peace; in a day, your options of entertainment ran out very fast. Every five seconds, he would check the monitors in hope that something exciting would happen. Peaceful bank, placid skyline, calm capital building, boring ocean. Still boring. He paced around the room. Tapping his foot at about one million times a minute, he stole a glance at the monitor. Peaceful bank, placid skyline, calm capital building, boring ocean. Mainly out of boredom, he scratched an itch on his neck, quickly turning the skin red. Dammit, he hated this! He looked pleadingly at the monitors, begging there to be something exciting. Peaceful bank, placid skyline, Ultimo attacking, boring ocean. Dammit...wait a moment. He checked the monitor again. Yes, there WAS a giant robot. Smirking to himself, he zoomed out of the room to alert the other Avengers. Finally, some action!
Tags: giant robots, rewind
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