Neurotic Squirrel (ilostmynuts) wrote in marvel_100,
Neurotic Squirrel

Challenge 32

Sorry I'm late with the challenge. But, wah, I'm sick. ;;

Challenge 32: CRACK!

That's right, you heard me! Challenge #32 is CRACK! What exactly is crack, you might ask? IT'S WHATEVER YOUR TWISTED LITTLE MIND CAN COME UP WITH! Want to write mpreg!Deadpool, Blade swapping bodies with Howard the Duck, Magneto dancing around in a poodle skirt? GO FOR IT! This is your time, folks, this is your time.

As usual, you can offer your own suggestions for challenges at any time here. Be sure to tag your entries with "crack". We encourage everyone to join in and write 100 word drabbles or ficlets of exactly 200, 300,400, or 500 words (or as close you can get). Please do not exceed 500 words (if you do exceed 500 words, you can post to one of the other lovely comms listed on user info). Don't forget to have some sort of header to let us know what characters you're using (provided it does not ruin your drabble/ficlet). Deadline is next Monday.
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