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Title: Rewrite
Prompt: Run Away
Characters: Master Banner
Rating: PG?
Word Count: 400
Author's Notes: Since I got Marvel 1602 for Christmas, I decided to write about it. ^^ If you haven't read it, do so now.

He wasn’t sure what had happened. There had been merely a flash of light, and then the world had ended. No, not ended; changed. The world had changed, and so had he.


His only thought at the time had been to protect Peter. Damn James, damn the mission. The boy deserved a chance to live a life Banner could never have had. A life as a free man, his own master. He was clumsy and timid, that Parquagh boy, but he was intelligent, and he had a courage Fury had seen and nurtured. But at the time, he couldn’t analyze these things. He had only thought to protect the boy.


And so he had jumped in front of the boy, taking the full force of the light, and his sanity with it.


It was a dream after that. He was finally free, roaming the primal forests of the new world as a beast with no restraint. He had the power to do anything, and not enough sense to worry about it much. Or was it that he had the sense, and simply didn’t care? He still wasn’t sure.


Somewhere in the back of his mind, that creature was still waiting. Eager to be free again, to give vent to all the frustrations of the weak man Banner had always been. But to give in… he was the same as the witchbreed, wasn’t he? He couldn’t go back to England. Couldn’t risk it. But then what could he do?


Javier. He may be a traitor and a heretic, but the man was clearly wise. And while Banner doubted he would be welcomed with open arms, he had no choice but to try. What could they do to him? If they attacked, somehow he knew his other half would awaken, defend them. None of their monsters could even dream of matching his own.


Suddenly, he began to laugh. This was all absurd! Himself, a man of the King, consorting with witchbreed and saving the pets of traitors? It must be a dream, a mere fantasy. And yet it comforted him. Being a free man, able to commit such senseless deeds (good deeds, he knew)… he had longed for it all his life, without even being aware he wanted it. No, not wanted. Needed it.


If this was a dream, it was a good one, and he was in no hurry to wake.

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