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Marvel Drabbles

Marvel Comics Drabbles
New York City
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All Members , Moderated
A community for drabbles and drawbles involving the Marvel Universe. This community is slash/het/gen friendly.

For the purpose of this community, drabbles are under 500 words and drawbles take only 10-15 minutes to draw (or less).

Copying the rules of the very active onepieceyaoi100 community, the new rules will be virtually the same. Every Wednesday, a new topic will be announced. The next Wednesday, the member who picked the week's topic gets to choose a winner a that announces the next week's topic.

When posting your drabble(s)...

  • Though drabbles are short, please try and use lj cuts - this is required for drabbles that are x-rated or involve spoilers.

  • Please tag your posts with the name of the challenge (the words in bold font on the latest challenge post) for easy browsing later.

  • New challenges will be posted every Monday.

  • Feel free to write as many drabbles or ficlets as you would like for each challenge. Connected drabbles are more than welcome as long as each section meets the word requirement.

  • Feel free to post for old challenges, but keep in mind you won't qualify to be selected as that week's winner. But we love reading your work!

  • Have fun!

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